I took copious pictures of the main dining room menus, as well as the starters, entrees, and desserts that I had for the evening. My friends were also kind enough to indulge me and let me take pictures of their food before they took their first bites, if their choices differed from mine. By the end of the trip, even the kids in our group had gotten into my food picture-taking habit, and were borrowing their parents’ point-and-shoot cameras to take their own food pictures.

We were told by our waiter (the excellent Toar from Indonesia in Top Hat and Tails) that our week (April 11 – 18, 2010) was the second week that the Mariner had implemented this menu. Food is very, very subjective, as peoples’ palates are different and what may appeal to one may not be acceptable to another. Hopefully, by introducing the food and menus through this section, you will have a chance to pre-select your food choices, or re-savor vicariously the ones that you made on your Royal Caribbean cruise.

Standard disclaimer applies: menus are subject to change by the cruise line at any time.

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